Counseling for couples with ADHD

“Ever feel like communicating with your partner is a frustrating game of charades, and no matter how hard you try, they just don’t seem to get it?”

Don’t Trudge Through It Alone

If you or your partner are dealing with ADHD, the struggle in the communication department is real. Let’s see if any of this sounds familiar

Venn Diagram

Guess what? If any of these scenarios hit close to home, you’re not alone, and you’ve landed in the right spot.

How Counseling can ACTUALLY help?

Navigating the unique challenges of ADHD in a relationship requires a tailored approach. Couples counseling equips you with tools to untangle wires, investigate missteps, and understand the roots of defensiveness. 

Through this process you will gain insight into cycles, providing effective strategies to break negative patterns and foster healing. By creating a safe space, couples can address sensitive topics, guided by evidence-based approaches and a personalized roadmap. 

This process will require patience, an open mind, and effort from both parties but it has the potential to truly transform your relationship.

Couples with ADHD

How it works

Still feeling a bit uncertain? That is perfectly normal. Let me walk you through what the first few sessions typically look like. 

Session 1 & 2: Let’s Dive In!

  • To kick it off you will both have the opportunity to share your thoughts about the relationship issues. I will challenge you both to reflect on your own contributions to these issues as well because in order for growth to flourish you both have to create a different environment in order to expect different results. 
  • I will ask you both a series of questions designed to quickly gather an overview of the relationship. We will discuss strengths, weaknesses and important elements of your relationship present and past.   
  • We will spend some time talking about each of your upbringings and how communication was handled in your house growing up. Often these early experiences inform of us what a relationship should and shouldn’t be so they are important to understand. 
  • You will participate in a “conflict discussion” in which you pick a topic that holds some tension for you both and you will engage in a discussion about it for 15 to 20 minutes so I can observe how you work through conflict. 

Session 3: Let’s Make a Plan

  • Once I have gathered all this information we will work together to create a personalized action plan to address the goals you are hoping to achieve.

Following Sessions: Getting Traction

  • As we progress, real-life issues will become opportunities to practice your new skills.
  • Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll venture into more advanced techniques, empowering both of you to better understand each other and fortify your bond. This journey is about growth and connection, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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